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Communication on Autocar’s major component shortages and MRP challenges

**Schedules will be available on 1/5/2023 Happy New Year!** First, Happy Holidays from the Autocar family to yours. May you all get some time to re-charge from a very challenging 2022. We do not need to dwell on the challenges we all currently face in our new business world day to day, but we recognize the need, now more than ever, to communicate, plan ahead, and mitigate challenges together before things become far more difficult to resolve. We all must provide transparency when commitments will not be met, as unexpected shortages or delays of major components can be crippling, as the last six months have shown. We have uncovered specific gaps with our MRP system, order forecasting, firm orders, and timing that also contributed to the situation. These anomalies have been exacerbated by the shortages, a record backlog of orders and scheduling production many months from now. We brought in expert MRP consulting teams to determine root cause and align the systems to remove the risk. We have also implemented robust gates and training to ensure better operations in 2023. What we have requested and forecasted with you has not changed. When you build and ship, however, has to be aligned with our current capabilities and many of our suppliers’ capabilities and catch-up plans. Over the next 10 days, you will be receiving updated order confirmations and needed timing for you to plan your operations. Please be in touch with Autocar Material Planners and commodity buyers for your teams to ask questions, consult and walk you through these corrections. Autocar wishes you and your team a healthy, productive 2023 and beyond, and we are confident we can work together to place both our companies in the win column.